317,000 electricity and gas customers switched providers in 2020


According to E-Control, switching activity fell in the corona year after the previous year's record.

317,000 electricity and gas customers switched providers in 2020

The number of energy provider switchers in Austria has fallen in the corona year after a record in 2019. Around 317,000 electricity and gas customers changed their electricity or gas supplier in 2020, according to the latest market statistics from the energy regulatory authority E-Control. In 2019 around 345,000 customers switched providers, which was a record. The numbers include households and businesses.

According to E-Control, 238,761 customers, including 189,239 households, were looking for a new electricity supplier in 2020. 78,035 customers, including 71,845 households, chose a new gas supplier. The switching rates last year were 3.8 percent for electricity and 5.9 percent for gas.

“After the record year of 2019, the number of switchovers fell slightly last year. From our point of view, this is easy to understand”, commented E-Control board member Wolfgang Urbantschitsch in a broadcast on Tuesday. A change of supplier had “not” had “top priority” for many in the corona crisis.

For many people, unemployment and short-time work have torn a financial hole in the household budget. “As we know from our arbitration board and from our colleagues on the energy hotline, households and companies are more often concerned with the question of how electricity and gas bills can continue to be paid on time even in times of crisis,” said the E-Control board. The household budget could be relieved by a change of provider.

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