8,600 euros corona penalty for Bayern match on TV


8,600 euros corona penalty for Bayern match on TV

Corona penalty for Bayern match

That was expensive fun! Six Greeks have to pay 8,600 euros fine for watching Bayern against PSG on TV.

An owner of a small bar in the Greek port city has invited six regulars to watch the Champions League together.

But the neighbors informed the police that the small “public viewing” violated the Corona rules. When the officers arrived, the Greeks hid and locked the door, but in the end they had to let the police in.

Now the football fans have to dig deep into their pockets, they have to pay a total of 8,600 euros fine.

It is 300 euros per capita because they were in an illegally opened bar, and another 300 euros per capita because the exit ban between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. was disregarded.

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