After a bank crash: entrepreneur wants to save football and the company


Manfred Strodl has taken over the roofer and runs the MSV2020

After a bank crash: entrepreneur wants to save football and the company

At the age of 52, Manfred Strodl went into business for himself in 2005 and founded MS Bau, which has been building two to three residential complexes a year in Vienna and the Vienna suburbs since then. Now the 67-year-old from Mattersburg has dared to jump into the cold water again – this time into the icy cold. The entrepreneur and graduate engineer for building construction has already put two collateral damage to the insolvent Commerzialbank Mattersburg on a new footing within a few months.

“As Mattersburger, who was born and grew up here, played football and still lives here today, it is a matter close to my heart to help,” Strodl explains his commitment in an interview with KURIER.

The building contractor, who sold his MS Bau to the South German Geiger Group some time ago and bundled his business in HMCA Immo GmbH, saved the insolvent Zimmermann company in Mattersburg with the help of the state (the KURIER reported).

The newly founded DFT Dach- und Fassadentechnik GmbH takes over the operation, construction sites and around 80 of the last 90 carpenter employees. Strodl holds 52.9 percent, the state-owned business agency 25.1 percent, three private companies the rest. Strodl alone acquired the holding company in which the Zimmermann GmbH premises, which were newly built in 2018, are located.

After a bank crash: entrepreneur wants to save football and the company

Manfred Strodl is the new main owner of the successor company to the insolvent Zimmermann GmbH and board member of the new Mattersburger football club MSV2020

Double restart

From January 7th they want to “start again”, Strodl radiates optimism. Strodl is convinced that the location and know-how of the old Zimmermann company are good, but commercially it was probably a problem. The sons of the former boss Ernst Zimmermann could also be on board in the new company, Strodl extends his hand: “They have the chance”.

While head and calculation were decisive for joining the roofing company, heart and passion moved Strodl to take on the management role at MSV2020. The football club is to succeed SV Mattersburg, who has disappeared without a sound in the wake of the Commerzialbank. Strodl, who himself was active as a libero for the then national league club SV Mattersburg at the beginning of the 1970s, wants to send a combat team into the championship again in autumn – not in the Bundesliga, but in the 2nd class. For the time being, the MSV2020 is concentrating on the work of young people, the children and young people train on the academy site.

But Strodl is already planning to return to the Poplar Stadium.

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