After soaring, the silver price is falling again


After soaring, the silver price is falling again

After a brief soaring, the silver price fell again on Tuesday.

Over the past day, the silver price has soared. That has now been stopped for the time being and even fell significantly on Tuesday, as reported by “”. In the early evening, a troy ounce (31.1 grams) of silver cost 26.80 US dollars (equivalent to 22.18 euros) – about seven percent less than the day before. At the start of the week, the silver price rose to $ 30.10 on the back of strong gains, the highest level since early 2013. The increase is due to the fact that silver suddenly developed into an object of speculation, especially in the Reddit Internet forum, it continues.

The buy recommendations for the US stocks of the game retailer GameStop or the cinema chain AMC could also be read on Reddit. These values had rallied even more strongly than silver. But even those then gave in significantly.

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