Arab singer posed for a photo with a Jew and was put on trial

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Arab singer posed for a photo with a Jew and was put on trial

Omer Adam (right) and Muhammad Ramadan (center)

Popular Egyptian singer Muhammad Ramadan has been put on trial for taking a picture with a Jewish singer. An Egyptian lawyer filed a lawsuit against him, believing that in this way the artist offended the feelings of the Egyptians, the Sada el-Balad TV channel reports.

So, a photo of Ramadan appeared on the Twitter account of the Israeli Foreign Ministry. On it, the artist is hugging the Israeli singer Omer Adam. “Art always brings us closer,” the publication was signed.

However, lawyer Hani Gad in his lawsuit stated that with such a picture the Arab singer violated all the customs of the country and hurt the feelings of its citizens. A meeting on this issue will be held on December 19.

The list of requirements that Gad presented to Ramadan includes a ban on the appearance of the singer on the air of Egyptian TV channels, a ban on holding concerts in the country, as well as the exclusion of the artist from the trade union of musicians and filmmakers.

In February 1980, Egypt and Israel established diplomatic relations. Thus, Egypt actually recognized the existence of a Jewish state that was considered hostile. In the Arab world, both of these events were perceived as betrayal.

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