Aspirin in the drugstore soon?


Aspirin in the drugstore soon?

The Constitutional Court has been dealing since Tuesday with the question of whether non-prescription drugs can also be sold in drugstores in the future.

After the marriage for everyone, a tilted headscarf ban and a less strict legal situation on euthanasia, the Constitutional Court could now set the next bang. Because drug stores want to be able to sell prescription-free drugs in the future.

It is not to be understood that everyday drugs such as aspirin, sleeping pills or pain relievers can only be sold in (online) pharmacies. So far, this has been justified with the necessary advice, but this is hardly necessary for over-the-counter drugs anyway and can be done at least as well in drugstores as in online pharmacies.

A study by the Federal Competition Authority already showed in 2018 that opening up the market to consumers would be desirable. The drugstore chain “dm” therefore brought in the application for a pharmacy monopoly in the sale of non-prescription drugs.

Even the pharmacies would hardly be affected by this because they generate their main sales with prescription drugs. In addition, they have already expanded their range far into the drugstore areas and now offer food supplements and cosmetics.

In other EU countries, over-the-counter drugs have long been available in drugstores, in some places even in supermarkets.

“The rapid development of Internet pharmacies shows the need to offer tested quality at lower prices and to create attractive alternatives to the often dubious online providers,” explains managing director Harald Bauer in a broadcast.

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