Berlin beer hall blacklisted Merkel due to quarantine

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Berlin beer hall blacklisted Merkel due to quarantine

Berlin's Ständige Vertretung (“Permanent Mission”) has blacklisted Chancellor Angela Merkel. This was announced by the owners of the establishment Jorn Peter Brinkmann and Jan Philip Bubinger in a video message on Facebook.

The indignation of the restaurateurs was caused by the introduction of a quarantine in Germany, which prohibits the operation of catering establishments. They referred to a study by the Robert Koch Institute, according to which the chance of infection in gastronomic establishments does not exceed three percent.

According to them, the government has not prepared for the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic. “No steps were taken by the government, and it was expected that now doctors are working to the edge of their ability,” the owners of the pub said.

Brinkmann and Bubinger noted that many politicians are our guests. “Some of these politicians decided to close the restaurants again and forbid us to work. We immediately blacklist these politicians. We will not be happy with Chancellor Angela Merkel, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soder, Berlin Mayor Michael Müller, “they said, calling on their colleagues to join this demarche.

On October 28, Merkel announced that the country's authorities are introducing a new strict quarantine for the population, starting November 2. In case of inaction, the head of government predicted the collapse of the German health care system. “These are tough measures,” Merkel said, adding that the authorities will review the effectiveness of each decision within two weeks. New restrictions include the closure of bars, restaurants, theaters and cinemas. Schools and kindergartens and shops will remain open, but social distancing will be ensured.

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