Brazilian President claims risk of “becoming an alligator” due to COVID-19 vaccine

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Brazilian President claims risk of

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro warned fellow citizens about the risks of vaccination against COVID-19, saying that after vaccination you can “become an alligator or Superman.” His words are quoted by the Internet edition UOL.

The Brazilian leader noted that he would not be vaccinated against the coronavirus, because he had already been ill and had developed antibodies. He also criticized the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer for declining responsibility for the side effects caused by the vaccine.

“The Pfizer contract is very clear:” Our company will not be held liable for any side effects. ” If you become an alligator, that is your problem. If you turn into Superman, if a woman grows a beard, and a man speaks in a thin voice, they have nothing to do with it. And even worse, this vaccine damages people's immune systems, ”Bolsonaro said.

Earlier, the Brazilian Supreme Court allowed to punish people for refusing to be vaccinated against coronavirus. Those who refuse vaccination may be barred from visiting public places or certain activities. At the same time, the court emphasized that no one would be forcibly vaccinated. Vaccination without the person's consent was considered a violation of the constitution.

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