Corona really hits hairdressers that hard


Corona really hits hairdressers that hard

The corona crisis is causing a lot of problems for the economy. But it hits the hairdressers particularly hard. The industry is really doing that badly.

The now third lockdown, which should originally have ended on January 24th, but has now been extended by another two weeks, is causing many to despair. The “Click & Collect” option made it possible for the trade to be at least somewhat active and generate income. The catering industry was also able to continue to work at least to a lesser extent thanks to the delivery service and collection. But not the service providers like hairdressers.

The decision by the federal government to extend the lockdown hit the hairdressing industry hard. In a broadcast, the federal master of hairdressers' guild, Wolfgang Eder, called the extension of the shutdown an “economic (e) disaster”. In December alone, the number of unemployed hairdressers rose by a full 65 percent. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult for more and more companies to pre-finance short-time working wages, it is said.

“Many fear for their existence.”

Although the support measures such as fixed cost subsidies, loss compensation or the planned loss bonus are helpful, according to Eder, they can only cover the bare minimum in most cases. As a result, many companies find themselves in an economic emergency, Eder continued.

According to the government’s current plan, the first steps to open it should begin on February 8th. From that day on, retailers and body-friendly service providers should be allowed to open their doors again. “Be patient and remain loyal to the hairdressing salon you trust. Please reward those who now act responsibly and have to accept high losses for it. Consistently show those who want to gain unfair advantages the red card”, appealed Eder to the people and probably alludes to all those who do not continue to work legally despite the lockdown.

“Why do only Kurz, Anschober & Co have freshly cut hair?”

This question asked the guild member of the hairdressers in Upper Austria, Christian Bacher, from the freedom economy in a broadcast. Hairdressers have not been able to work for several weeks and are confronted with immense sales losses. Many are facing the loss of existence. An opening on February 8th therefore seems absolutely necessary.

Security concepts in hairdressing salons should continue to protect against infection in them. Intensified hygiene and protective measures, FFP2 masks, rapid tests and voluntary vaccinations for employees are intended to ensure a safe environment in the salons.

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