Deceased candidate elected as Mayor of Romania

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Deceased candidate elected as Mayor of Romania

Ion Aliman

The deceased candidate, the former mayor, was elected mayor of the Romanian city of Deveselu. Writes about this Romanian “Radio Liberty”.

Ion Aliman, 57, ran for his third term from the Social Democratic Party (PSD). However, shortly before the elections, he contracted the coronavirus, and on September 17, he died of complications in a Bucharest hospital.

Despite this, the late mayor won the elections for the third time, ahead of two rivals in the number of votes: he received 1,020 out of 1,600. After the announcement of the results, voters visited Aliman's grave to congratulate the mayor and honor his memory.

The mayor elections will be repeated. Prior to that, his duties will be performed by his deputy.

At the end of September, Marina Udgodskaya won the elections in the Kostroma region, having worked for almost five years as a cleaner in the city administration of the Povalikhinsky rural settlement. She took part in the election of the head of the settlement at the request of the former head Nikolai Loktev. During the voting, the villagers gave her 84 votes, and Loktev – 46, which was a surprise for the Udgodskaya.

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