Disclosed the true interests of Russia in Libya

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Раскрыты истинные интересы России в Ливии

In Libya, Moscow is primarily interested in retaining control over the local oil fields, but not in the coming to power of field Marshal Khalifa Haftorah Libyan national army (LNA), which it supports. The true motives of Russia revealed to The Jerusalem Post.

As the newspaper notes, any such interest of the Kremlin evidenced by the actions of the Russian mercenaries from private military companies (PMCs) Wagner. Previously, they had seized one of the largest oil fields in Libya’s es-sider, which was one of the main sources of income for the Haftarot of the opposition national consensus government (NTC). Production there were an American Corporation and Hess and ConocoPhillips and the Spanish Repsol. The decision of the mercenaries took illegally, without the consent of the LDF.

“When Russian forces took control of the oil field on their own, Moscow proved that Libya is not in order to hold on to the presidency of the Haftarot,” writes The Jerusalem Post. According to the newspaper, in this way Russia hopes to protect their investments in Libya, and there to be won regardless of who eventually comes to power in the country.

Other allies of the Haftarot also supported him not because of personal sympathy, emphasizes the publication. So, the main purpose of France is to eliminate terrorist groups in the region, and Egypt — the struggle with religious and political organization “Muslim brotherhood” (recognized as a terrorist as Cairo and Moscow), which has a large weight in Libya.

At the same time, such actions of the Russian PMC and other parties do not contribute to the resolution of the conflict, but on the contrary, lead to its escalation, stresses The Jerusalem Post.

At the end of June it became known that the Russian mercenaries have invaded the largest Libyan oil field in al-Sharara. USA and the national oil Corporation of Libya (National Oil Corporation, NOC) expressed his indignation on this occasion and said that the actions of men the PMC directly threaten the sovereignty and well-being of Libya.

In Libya after the murder in 2011, who ruled from 1969, Muammar Gaddafi has developed a situation of dual power. Currently, in the East in the city of Tobruk, seat of the Parliament, which supports the Libyan national army is the field Marshal Khalifa Haftorah, and in the West in Tripoli — the national consensus government. While the NTC has actively supported Turkey, and on the side of the LNA are Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In this connection between Turkey and Egypt deteriorated relationship, the countries are in confrontation.

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