Doesn't gastronomy open on March 15th?


Doesn't gastronomy open on March 15th?

Austria's hosts do not want to wait any longer, they are pushing for an opening on March 15th. The decision will be made next Monday.

Austria's landlords and restaurant owners have their backs to the wall. Gastronomic establishments have been closed since November 2nd. You don't want to wait any longer.

“Seven months of lockdown since the beginning of the Corona crisis are enough. Our prevention and security concepts are on the table, the companies have done their homework, and: we are committed to admission testing. Our clear goal is safe opening in March!” Mario Pulker, Chairman of the Gastronomy Association in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in a broadcast.

The next Corona summit will take place in the Chancellery on March 1st. The decision will be made here. Most recently it was emphasized that the opening steps for gastronomy and tourism will take place “around Easter”. Industry representatives are now putting a lot of pressure on.

If the corona numbers do not increase explosively in the coming days, the hope is that the restaurant will open on March 15, i.e. two weeks before Easter. To this end, they are ready to implement a comprehensive security concept, including entry tests, said Pulker on Tuesday.

As with the hairdresser, only a negative rapid test that is not older than 48 hours should allow entry into the pub. A survey also showed that 81 percent of Austrians would be willing to be tested for a local visit. Furthermore, guests are required to wear an FFP2 mask if they are not sitting at the table. As before the lockdown, the catering establishments would keep two meters between the tables.

Around 200,000 employees in restaurants and hotels are currently either unemployed or on short-time work. “Pandemics and viruses will be with us for some time to come. We have to find practicable ways to live with them. Today, unlike a year ago, we have all the tools we need for a safe unlock: FFP2 masks, keeping your distance, hygiene measures and – as The key to secure opening – entry tests. We can therefore open safely – you just have to let us, “emphasized Pulker.

Furthermore, the top landlord's spokesman pleaded for a curfew at 11 p.m.

Molecular biology Michael Wagner, however, warned against opening it too early. He advocated waiting, because at the moment there is the “most unclear situation” for a long time in view of new variants and, at the same time, extensive tests and the FFP2 mask requirement. “Austria is currently doing a big experiment here”, he told “”.

With the vast number of tests that are now carried out almost daily, one does not know whether they are perceived to the same extent by population groups in which the most infections tend to be expected. In addition, it is difficult to estimate how many asymptomatically infected people identify the various rapid tests.

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