Former UN deputy secretary general predicted the development of events in case of Biden's victory

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Former UN deputy secretary general predicted the development of events in case of Biden's victory

US presidential candidate Joseph Biden

Democrat Joe Biden, who is running for the presidency of the United States, may become a “passing” leader of the country, who at some point will give up the post to his current running mate Kamala Harris. This opinion was expressed by former UN Deputy Secretary General Sergei Ordzhonikidze in an interview with the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

The diplomat admitted that in case of Biden's victory, drastic changes would not threaten international relations. He admitted that he considers the presidential candidate physically and mentally unhealthy: Ordzhonikidze recalled that he often confuses names and titles. “What would I pay attention to – the vice-president who goes with him. I think that there is a certain idea in the ranks of the leadership of the Democratic Party. Biden will sit, sit, get sick so that he can not rule, and for the first time in American history, a woman, and a black one, will become president, ”he said.

Speaking about the future of US-Russian relations, the diplomat stressed that everything depends on who will become the head of the White House. He suggested that if Biden wins the presidential election, he may try to extend the Treaty on Measures to Further Reduce and Limit Strategic Offensive Arms (START, unofficially known as START-3). Ordzhonikidze drew attention to the fact that Biden has a “politically obsessed anti-Russian position,” but much depends on who will be on his team. “In the United States, the president is, of course, the main administrative person, but most of the issues are decided by what is called in-depth administration at the level of deputies, secretaries of state, ministers,” he explained.

Earlier, Brian Taylor, a political scientist at the American Syracuse University, said that the chances of improving relations between Russia and the United States after the presidential elections in the United States are practically zero. According to him, Washington's policy towards Moscow will not change.

General Election Day was held in the United States on November 3. Citizens elected a president and vice president, 35 senators, the entire House of Representatives, 13 governors and local government representatives. The current American leader, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, who served as vice president under Barack Obama, fought for the post of head of state.

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