Gastronomy calls now


Gastronomy calls now

WKO-Pulker and Kraus-Winkler: “Our concepts are on the table, now we need a decision on the opening date and framework conditions.”

“A total of more than 6 months of lockdown since the beginning of the corona crisis is enough. It is therefore particularly painful that there is still no prospect of reopening for the tourism industry, gastronomy and hotel,” comment Mario Pulker and Susanne Kraus-Winkler, the representatives of the hospitality industry Trade associations in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ), the latest decision by the government to keep the catering and hotel industry closed.

In principle, the government announced an opening date or at least a timetable for mid-February.

Mario Pulker: “Our companies, many of which are already in a financially and psychologically extremely tense situation, urgently need to be able to plan how things will continue. The virus and any mutations will be with us for even longer, so we have to find viable ways In any case, it cannot be a solution to keep the local gastronomy closed until the vaccination and until the successful control of all virus mutations. Our members have already proven in the past that safety and hygiene regulations are constantly kept up to date and meticulous be respected.”

And Susanne Kraus-Winkler adds: “In the industry, we are struggling with an increasing lack of prospects, which in many cases is also accompanied by existential fears for companies and employees. As a lobby group, we are working intensively on opening the for our guests and our member companies Industry. Six weeks ago we communicated several specific ideas and suggestions, such as the need for guest tests, to the responsible Ministry of Health. It is regrettable that apparently no detailed discussion of our concepts has taken place to date. “

The top spokeswoman for the hotel industry is convinced that at the moment – due to the aggravated situation in the most important markets of origin – not all hotels would have opened the same way: “For those companies that would like to start as soon as possible, for example because they have theirs With a focus on the domestic market, today's decision is more than disappointing. “

Regarding current demands and ideas, such as the imminent opening of the pub garden, gastro chairman Pulker emphasizes: “Every step towards normality is important, but with regard to the demand for the pub garden to open, we must be aware that this is for most businesses from an economic point of view at least it is not enough. “

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