Gastronomy suppliers are demanding quick sales replacement


The industry is pushing for the “indirect sales compensation” to be presented and paid out soon.

Gastronomy suppliers are demanding quick sales replacement

Gastronomy and hotels have been closed again since the beginning of November – and will remain so until January 7th. That means: Several months of lost sales for the closed companies, but also for their suppliers. And they want to make their concerns about the financial future public now. Because the government has not yet found a solution to replace sales.

The requirement: at least 50 percent sales compensation for the catering industry. “But the more, the better,” said Gerhard Wohlmuth, Federal Chairman of the Agricultural Trade and Chairman of the Wine Trade in the Chamber of Commerce, to the KURIER.

The companies would have to struggle with sales losses of up to 90 percent, says Wohlmuth. The fixed cost subsidy can often not cushion this – it is often a question of family businesses that own the company's buildings, which is why only low fixed costs are incurred. Depending on how much the company is dependent on supplies to the catering and hotel industry, there are “serious liquidity problems”, according to Wohlmuth.

Direct suppliers include companies such as Transgourmet, which deliver directly to the catering industry. Indirect suppliers include the fruit and wine trade.

At the same time, the calculation of the sales compensation is of course more difficult in the case of the suppliers. In contrast to the catering and hotel industry, the suppliers are not officially closed, so they can of course continue to make sales.

In any case, the member companies are “desperate,” explains Wohlmuth. It is “good” that the catering was served so well, says Wohlmuth. But “the catering suppliers have apparently been forgotten.”

Work “with high pressure”

Not true, says the Ministry of Finance. They are working flat out, says ministry spokesman Johannes Pasquali to the KURIER. Pasquali emphasizes that the “indirect sales substitute” will be presented in the near future. According to reports, it could be so far next week. It is of course questionable whether the first payouts will work out this year.

According to information from Pasquali, 1.4 billion euros have already been paid out as part of the sales replacement.

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