In China, one person triggered a new outbreak of coronavirus

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In China, one person triggered a new outbreak of coronavirus

In China, over the past day, 118 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded, of which 43 were detected in Jilin province in the northeast of the country, according to the National State Health Committee.

Last week, isolated cases of infection were recorded in Jilin, but on January 17, 10 cases of coronavirus infection were detected there, and on January 18 – already 30. Experts explain the outbreak by the super-distributor of coronavirus. A man selling products to improve the health of the elderly, according to The Global Times, has infected more than 100 people in a few days, mostly in contact with the elderly. The man, according to the authorities, came from the neighboring province of Heilongjiang and found out about previous contact with an infected coronavirus only a few days after arrival.

Authorities have already published a detailed travel itinerary for the seller a week before it was discovered to be infected with the coronavirus. During this time, he traveled four times by train, three times by bus and once by subway between Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces.

In four days, he also conducted four health workshops, marketing sessions at community health clubs for seniors in Gongzhuling and Tonghua cities, both in Jilin Province. During this time, he infected 79 visitors to his seminars and 23 acquaintances. The average age of people infected with it is 63 years. The oldest patient is 87 years old.

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