Iran feared Trump's final blow before leaving and strengthens defenses

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Iran feared Trump's final blow before leaving and strengthens defenses

Iran feared the last blow by US President Donald Trump before leaving office and has strengthened air defense systems at nuclear facilities. Al Qabas newspaper writes about it.

According to the publication, Tehran fears any sudden military events that may occur against the backdrop of tensions with Washington. In part, the fear of the Iranian side stems from Trump's numerous threats, who promised to “punish” the country if it attacks the US military in Iraq.

According to Al Qabas, anti-aircraft systems and radar systems of the aerospace forces are responsible for the protection of nuclear facilities.

In late December, it was reported that Iran had resumed work on nuclear weapons amid a conflict with the United States. According to satellite data, this is an underground nuclear facility at Fordow, an Iranian uranium enrichment plant located south of Tehran. The authorities of the Islamic Republic did not advertise the resumption of work, but Western experts fear the possibility of Tehran's nuclear weapons. Since relations between Iran and the United States are tense, the first party may abandon its intentions to use it for peaceful purposes.

Since early 2020, the US Embassy in Baghdad has been hit by missile strikes several times. This began to happen regularly after the night of January 3, US troops killed the general of the elite Iranian special forces “Al-Quds” of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Qasem Soleimani. Five days later, Iran launched a missile attack on US military installations in Iraq. After another shelling in July, a spokesman for the US foreign policy department noted that Washington considers such shelling a threat.

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