Lockdown extension: hoteliers desperate


Hoteliers want to unlock and refer to security concepts. As compensation for the extended lockdown, they are demanding sales compensation.

Lockdown extension: hoteliers desperate

Many tourism experts no longer want to hear about a possible extension of the lockdown. You want to unlock. “We want to work. The longer it takes, the more long-term employees we lose,” complained the hotelier Armin Pfurtscheller from the Stubai Valley in Tyrol on Saturday in the ORF “ZiB1”.

Many would switch industries. The Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce Christoph Walser called for clarity from the turquoise-green federal government.

The treasurer argued in the direction of an opening that the security concepts had proven themselves in tourism in the corona pandemic. “We need a clear statement from the government.” If there is no further unlocking, then that is at least a decision on the basis of which one can talk about compensation models, said Walser.

It was not until yesterday, Friday, that the Hoteliervereinigung (ÖHV) reiterated the demand for further sales compensation if the lockdown should be extended.

This aid was only promised by the public sector for the months of November (up to 80 percent) and December (50 percent). From January onwards there is only the so-called loss compensation (up to 70 percent).

“It is nothing more than a calculated risk if we unlock now – we have proven prevention and hygiene concepts and offer comprehensive tests,” argued the chairman of the WKÖ tourism and leisure industry, Robert Seeber, who naturally also has one Opening urges.

“We now have to concentrate on the semester and Easter business.” This also applies to city tourism and the tour operator industry.

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