Majority against Sunday opening before Christmas


In a survey, 65 percent spoke out against the advance of the Chamber of Commerce.

Majority against Sunday opening before Christmas

A push by the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Harald Mahrer, to open business in the run-up to Christmas caused the waves to blow last week. The business representative received rebates from all sides, even from his own ranks.

Even the population cannot gain much from the proposal. In a market agent survey of 500 people, the majority (65 percent) spoke out against opening on the last two Sundays in Advent.

Three quarters of the respondents would not use the opportunity to go shopping on Sunday at all. More than a third see the additional sales as an advantage for retailers, but negative effects on the family life of retail employees outweigh the negative effects for almost 60 percent.

Should the Sunday opening come, the respondents would most likely shop in grocery stores (68 percent), drugstores or perfumeries (43 percent) as well as in fashion and shoe stores (42 percent).

The opening of brick and mortar stores on Sunday would not be an incentive for the majority to buy more in stores instead of online.

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