Markus Rogan tried the US Navy Seals fitness test


The ex-swimming star tried a new challenge. And only just failed.

Markus Rogan tried the US Navy Seals fitness test

It has been almost six months since ex-swimming star Markus Rogan caused a sensation when he flew from Israel to Los Angeles despite an active corona illness. The 38-year-old was the mental coach of the national soccer team in Israel. There he tested positive for the corona virus. Instead of quarantining himself in the country for two weeks as prescribed, he flew to his place of residence in the USA via Germany.

“I made a gross mistake when I left Israel,” explained Rogan afterwards. “I would like to apologize for my behavior. There is nothing to be trivialized and nothing to justify. I understand and respect the anger in various media and forums . “

Since then it has become quiet again for the Viennese. On YouTube, however, Rogan took on a new challenge. YouTuber and Navy veteran Austen Alexander invited the former swimming star to try his hand at the US Navy Seals fitness test. This consists of five different units: swimming 500 yards, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and a 1.5-mile run.

“This guy is a machine”

“I think I'm a psychologist, but today I'm really crazy,” said Rogan, before tackling the five challenges. “I'm a little nervous.” As it turned out, there was no reason for that. The Viennese showed himself to be in good physical shape and proved right at the start that he hadn't forgotten anything. He finished the swimming course in 5:49 minutes and was well below the necessary hurdle of 12:30.

There were also no problems with the push-ups and sit-ups. 50 were required, Rogan made 83 and 73 attempts respectively. The pull-ups then turned out to be an Achilles heel for the 38-year-old. 10 repetitions were necessary, Rogan was clearly struggling and had to be satisfied with 9. But there was reason to be happy again in the final run, Rogan needed 9:45 minutes and was 45 seconds short of the required time.

In any case, his challenger, Austen Alexander, was impressed: “I'm a little jealous,” he said. “This guy is a machine.”

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