Microsoft joins GM's Robotaxi company


$ 2 billion financing round for GM subsidiary Cruise.

Microsoft joins GM's Robotaxi company

Microsoft wants to be the next technology group in the business with self-driving cars. The Windows giant is participating in a $ 2 billion (€ 1.7 billion) round of financing for the robotaxi company Cruise owned by the auto company General Motors, as the company announced on Tuesday. Cruise was valued at $ 30 billion in total.

The company has been testing its vehicles in San Francisco for years and has already presented the prototype of an autonomous taxi without space for a driver.

Among other things, Microsoft wants to bring services from its cloud platform Azure to the partnership – which Cruise will mainly use in the future. In addition to the parent company GM, the Japanese car manufacturer Honda is also participating in the financing round.

The other big tech companies are already very active in this area: The Google sister company Waymo is a leading developer of robotaxi technology, Apple is also working on systems for autonomous driving, Amazon bought the robot car developer Zoox and placed it in its Device division.

Cruise got approval last year to put cars on the streets of San Francisco without a security driver behind the wheel. Waymo and Zoox had also previously received permission to drive on public roads without people behind the wheel.

Cruise originally announced the start of a Robotaxi offer for 2019, but then postponed the date indefinitely.

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