Millions of Americans left without electricity

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Millions of Americans left without electricity

In the United States, about 3.4 million people were left without electricity after a snowstorm that overloaded power systems that were not prepared for such weather events. Reported by the Associated Press.

We are talking about Americans living in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. The largest power outages occurred in Texas. Utilities said power outages were “a last resort to maintain the reliability of the electrical system as a whole.” Residents urged residents to reduce their use of basic electrical appliances and turn off lights or unused appliances.

In addition, bad weather has caused severe disruption to water supplies in the Texas cities of Houston, Fort Worth, Galveston, Corpus Christi and Memphis, Tennessee. The storm front is expected to bring even more hardship to parts of Texas, Arkansas and the lower Mississippi valley, before moving northeast on Thursday, February 18.

Earlier it was reported that in the US state of Texas, suppliers sharply raised the price of electricity. The reason for the price hike was the record-breaking frost for this region. Until recently, the average electricity price in Texas was just over 12 cents per kilowatt-hour (about RUB 5.8), according to the US Energy Information Administration. However, last Friday the price jumped to 30 cents, and the price tag rose even more over the weekend.

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