Nintendo Spotlights New Portable Switch Pro With Fresh Firmware Update

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Nintendo Spotlights New Portable Switch Pro With Fresh Firmware Update

Recently, Japanese Nintendo has released a fresh update for its portable Nintendo Switch console. In addition to the standard improvements that the updates bring, the firmware has also revealed information about the company's new game console.

This is the update file number 12.0.0. An enthusiast under the nickname OatmealDome rummaged through it and found a mention of the conditional Nintendo Switch Pro – the next generation of portable Switch, writes Comic Book.

So, in the firmware there was a line clearly responsible for updating the docking station software. Recall that the current portable console platform is able to download and install updates.

Also in the code there was a place for mentioning 4K resolution. It is this, according to earlier leaks, that is a distinctive feature of the novelty.

It's worth noting that insiders previously claimed that Nintendo would be announcing its new console in fall 2021. Considering that the device was “checked out” in the latest firmware update, we can expect that their words will be correct.

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