Nursing staff, police officers and the like receive more salaries


Nursing staff, police officers and the like get a higher salary

The union has reached an agreement with the government on an increase in public sector salaries. In the future there will be 1.45 percent more.

On Thursday, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler, Finance Minister Gernot Blümel, the Chairman of the Public Service Union (GÖD), Norbert Schnedl, and the head of the “younion – the Daseinsgewerkschaft”, Christian Meidlinger, negotiated a salary adjustment of 1.45 percent for the public service .

This increase will apply from January 2021 for the total of 226,000 employees in the federal administration and will subsequently point the way for the 300,000 employees in the state and municipal service.

The negotiated salary increase, with the compensation for the inflation rate, is deliberately in line with previous degrees from other industries, such as the metal industry.

“It was important to us to take on responsibility, especially in the crisis, and therefore to come to an agreement quickly. Among the public servants are many who are doing valuable work in this difficult time of the pandemic – the nursing and medical staff, teachers, the employees in the kindergartens, the police officers, the employees of the crisis teams, to name just a few, “explained Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler.

Finance Minister Gernot Blümel also sees the negotiation as positive: “The rapid conclusion of the salary negotiations shows that everyone involved is aware of their responsibility in the current situation. The result corresponds to the previous financial statements in other industries and is justified in terms of the amount. The employees of Administration at the federal, state and municipal levels have been deployed for months to save health, jobs and companies. “

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