Price increase – these mobile phone tariffs are now becoming more expensive


Price increase - these mobile phone tariffs are now becoming more expensive

From March, the current mobile phone and Internet tariffs for many Austrians will be more expensive. A1, magenta and three add to the cost to their customers.

Soon, many Austrians will have to pay quite a bit more for cell phones and the Internet. Because both A1, Magenta and Drei are converting numerous tariffs – to the annoyance of customers, because nothing gets cheaper. The network operators justify this with the fact that these mostly older tariffs are no longer cost-covering for them due to increasing network utilization.

Drei speaks, for example, of an “additional small amount” from customers, which helps to “upgrade their own network so that it will successfully withstand the requirements of the digital world of tomorrow and exceptional situations such as the corona crisis in the future.”

But which tariffs are affected in detail? “Today” looked around at the providers. These are all price increases in a compact overview:

In the case of three, the tariff changes will take effect at the beginning of March (March 1st, 2021). This affects numerous, often older, prepaid card tariffs for both telephony and the Internet. On average, they are two euros more expensive. These are the affected telephony tariffs :

Drei promises an increase in speed or more download credit for the higher prices for the prepaid internet tariffs :

At Bob (A1) a new mobile service flat rate of 25 euros per year for SIM-only tariffs is being introduced and billed in advance. This increases – converted to months – the basic monthly wage by 2.083 euros. The following tariffs are affected:

austrobob (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

big bob

big bob 2011

bob (2006, 2017, 2018_2, 2019_2, 2019_3)

bob balkan

bob balkan 2010

bob germany

bob germany 2010

bob turkey

bob turkey 2010


easybob M

easybob L

easybob XL

gigabob L (2020)

gigabob M (2020)

gigabob unlimited (2017, 2020)

gigabob unlimited plus (2020)

simbob (2019_11, 2020)

smartbob (2011, 2012)

smartbob XL

smartbob XL 19.90 2013

smartbob XL 2012


superbob 20gb

superbob XL


x-trabob (2017, 2019_5, 2019_11, 2020_1)

The austrobob tariff listed here will therefore cost customers € 11.98 per month instead of the previous € 9.90 from March.

T-Mobile / Magenta, on the other hand, is converting the Internet tariffs that still existed from the takeover of UPC to the in-house pricing. Most of these landline tariffs will be around 1 or 3 euros per month more expensive by the end of February (02/28/2021).

The next wave of increases for other products will follow at the end of March (March 31, 2021). Here, too, it is on average three euros more expensive for customers per month, a massive outlier is the “Super FIT HD” tariff, which is 6.14 euros more expensive, but at the same time promises to multiply the download speed.

The service fee will also be increased from 15 euros to 27 euros for all tariffs mentioned. This is also collected in advance and is added to the fee listed above.

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