Russian Su-57 was named the only aircraft capable of “killing” the American F-22

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Russian Su-57 was named the only aircraft capable of

An article published by American experts from The National Interest has appeared on the Internet. In it, they stated that the American fighter was practically invulnerable to air transport. The only aircraft that, in theory, is capable of “killing” him is the Russian Su-57.

As an argument, they used the idea that a domestic fighter can destroy all types of air, land and water targets. And if so, why can't he destroy the F-22, writes The National Interest.

At the same time, the journalists of the publication also noted that the Su-57 is the first fighter in the world to be equipped with directional infrared countermeasures. Also, according to them, the Russian fighter is able to achieve supersonic cruising speed and has a radio-absorbing coating.

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