Scientists have named a food habit dangerous for immunity

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Scientists have named a food habit dangerous for immunity

Scientists have named the eating habit that poses a danger to the immune system. The results of the study, published in the journal Nature, are reported by RIA Novosti.

It turned out that high doses of fructose negatively affect the immune system. This conclusion was reached by experts from the University of Swansea, the University of Bristol and the Francis Crick Institute, who studied the effect of this type of sugar on mice. Glucose triggered glutaminolysis and oxidative metabolism in their bodies – processes that increase the level of inflammatory cytokines.

Research has shown that inflammatory responses of the immune system caused by excessive consumption of fructose disrupt organs as well as damage cells and tissues.

In the fall of 2020, scientists at the University of Colorado in the United States found that fructose, which is part of sugar together with glucose, and uric acid, which is formed during glucose metabolism, increase the risk of behavior disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Experts said fructose stimulates impulsivity, novelty, quick decision-making, and aggressiveness.

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