Steam Sells The Sims 4 And Expansions At Big Discounts

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Steam Sells The Sims 4 And Expansions At Big Discounts

The digital distribution service Steam has launched a new sale, within which you can buy add-ons to the iconic Sims 4 life simulator, as well as the game itself, at great discounts.

So, the title is now on sale with an 88% discount. Recall that in normal times it could be bought for 1,499 rubles, whereas now it can be grabbed for only 179 rubles.

Among other things, big discounts went to additional content, which makes the game even more interesting. For example, for 299 rubles you can grab The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition. At the same time, The Sims 4 DIGITAL DELUXE Plus Times set is sold for 856 rubles instead of the previous 4 498. And with an 81% discount, in turn, The Sims 4 Deluxe + Cats & Dogs Bundle is on sale.

To see all the add-ons that are on sale at a discount, follow this link. The sale will run until April 19.

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