The bride refused to come to the wedding because of an offensive gift from the groom

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The bride refused to come to the wedding because of an offensive gift from the groom

In the Chinese province of Guizhoi, a bride refused to attend the wedding at the last moment because of an offensive gift from the groom. AsiaOne reports.

The young people met for more than three years and have already registered their marriage, and the weddings, which will be attended by relatives and friends, were planned to be held later. Before the celebration, the groom made a gift to the bride – 88 thousand yuan (about a million rubles), and, according to tradition, bought her a dress and linen.

The reason for the quarrel was a mistake that the young man made when choosing a bra. The day before the wedding, the bride discovered that it was two sizes too small. Since, according to her, the groom knew the correct size, she decided that in this way he wanted to show her his disrespect. “I called him that night and said that the bra was too small,” she says. – He answered: “Do you want to get married? Then return the money.”

The bride returned the wedding gift to the groom and filed for divorce. Despite this, the planned wedding celebrations took place, but only the groom himself, his friends and relatives were present. Neither the bride nor her parents, who supported the daughter's decision, attended the wedding.

The groom blames the quarrel between the bride's relatives, who should have reported the correct size. “My parents asked them for the measurements of the bride, and they only answered at midnight and said that the bra was too small,” he says. “It was already too late, there is no time to buy another.” According to him, families were in conflict even before the mistake with the bra.

In 2018, it was reported that relatives of a resident of the Chinese provinces of Shanxi were amazed that the parents of his Ukrainian bride did not demand a ransom for her. They claim that they have never seen a groom who got off so easily.

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