The first reality show ruined the lives of five sisters

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The first reality show ruined the lives of five sisters

The life of five sisters in Ontario (Canada) was turned into a reality show, which was watched by the whole country. For several years, the sisters raised the tourism business in Ontario to unprecedented heights and brought huge amounts of money to the province's budget. But it did not make them themselves happy.

Five identical twin sisters were born in 1934 to a poor Canadian farmer named Dion. At this point, the couple already had five older children, and one died of pneumonia a year before the girls were born.

The sisters were born two months ahead of schedule, and their total birth weight was only 6.07 kilograms (no one made separate entries for each). It seemed a miracle that the sisters, similar to each other like drops of water, survived.

The father of the family, dumbfounded by the appearance of five more mouths, signed a contract with representatives of the Chicago Exhibition, who planned to show the sisters around the world for money – at that time they saw nothing shameful in this. However, after a while he changed his mind and decided to cancel the agreement. The exhibition was opposed, and then the sisters were transferred to the care of the Red Cross in order to protect them from commercial exploitation. In fact, everything turned out to be completely different.

The girls stayed in Canada, a house with a playground surrounded by transparent shields on one side was built for them – it was because of these screens that the girls, who did not suspect anything, were watched by the hungry audience.

Soon a large parking lot had to be built near the house – the old one could no longer accommodate curious cars. After a while, the “human zoo” overtook even the Canadian part of Niagara Falls in popularity, and during the existence of the reality show, the sisters brought more than $ 50 million to the Ontario budget.

The girls' father became a rich man: a new house, cars, expensive clothes and good food – all this was paid from the fees of the sisters. But they themselves did not know about it.

Later, after learning the truth, they stopped communicating with their parents.

The fives unanimously declared that publicity had ruined their lives. Two of the sisters died young. In 1998, the surviving three sisters sued the government of Ontario for exploitation and received compensation in the amount of $ 2.8 million.

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