The mayor of the city in the United States urged people to stay at home and went to rest in Mexico

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The mayor of the city in the USA urged people to stay at home and went to rest in Mexico

Steve Adler

Mayor of Austin (Texas, USA) Steve Adler urged people to stay at home and went on vacation to Mexico. Writes about this Austin-American-Statesman.

Adler asked city residents to self-isolate and not gather in groups due to the growing number of people infected with coronavirus. The mayor said that now is “not the time to relax.” Despite this, a few days before his conversion, he attended his daughter's wedding, where about 20 guests were present, and then flew to Mexico on a private plane.

The Austin-American-Statesman writes that the politician did not advertise his trip. According to the newspaper, he first spoke about her in early December after several journalists published the revelations. Then Adler said that his act “did not contradict the appeal to the residents,” since he did not ask them not to travel. Some time later, the mayor apologized for the trip.

In mid-June, an Indian at his own wedding infected 100 people with the coronavirus and died two days later. The man reportedly initially felt healthy, but by the wedding day he had a fever. He insisted on postponing the event, but the heads of both families opposed such an idea due to huge financial losses.

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