The United States accused Russia of deviating from agreements on nuclear weapons

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The United States accused Russia of deviating from agreements on nuclear weapons

Marshall Billingsley

The special envoy of the US President Marshall Billingsley accused Russia of deviating from the agreements reached on nuclear weapons. He wrote about this on his Twitter account.

According to the American diplomat, the United States has made every effort to reach a historic agreement with Russia, which for the first time would include all nuclear warheads. He noted that Russia's retreat from the agreements already reached is disappointing.

Earlier, the US considered a failure the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin to extend the Treaty on Measures to Further Reduce and Limit Strategic Offensive Arms (START-3) without any conditions. US Assistant to the President for National Security Robert O'Brien explained that the American side had proposed extending the agreement for a year in exchange for a mutual limitation on nuclear warheads.

On October 16, Putin proposed extending the current START-3 treaty “without any conditions for at least a year in order to be able to conduct meaningful negotiations on all parameters.”

START III was signed in 2010 by the presidents of Russia and the United States – Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama. The agreement came into force in 2011 and expires in February 2021.

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