The United States recognized the decommissioned boats sold to Ukraine useless

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The United States recognized the decommissioned boats sold to Ukraine useless

The US Navy, due to its uselessness against potential opponents and the high cost, is planning to write off the latest Mark VI patrol boats, the oldest of which was acquired by the military just six years ago, reports The Drive.

The publication writes that all 12 of these boats can be withdrawn from the fleet by the end of this year. According to The Drive, the US Navy is planning to sell boats. “In scenarios of military action against equal nations [such as Russia or China], it was believed that the Mark VI was not really needed (given their small size and limited missile firepower),” the publication quotes the commentary of the Marine Corps Major General (ILC ) USA Tracy King, who added that “boats are expensive to maintain.”

In July 2020, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that the US authorities had approved the supply of up to 16 Mark VI combat patrol boats and related equipment to Ukraine. According to him, six boats are already being prepared for Kiev within the framework of “assistance under the relevant programs.” The rest of the ships Ukraine will be able to purchase for money from the defense budget.

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