This provider does not participate in the tariff increase


This provider does not participate in the tariff increase

There is a huge fuss about simultaneous price increases by all major mobile operators. A “little one” doesn't want to play and gives a price guarantee.

On the occasion of the price increases announced by A1, Drei and Magenta at the same time in March, the mobile phone discount firm HoT von Hofer is now offering a price guarantee: The customer promise is never to be more expensive, but only better or cheaper. “This means that both new and existing customers can rely one hundred percent on being safe from unpleasant surprises such as tariff increases,” said the mobile operator in the Magenta network.

Other clauses such as binding contracts as well as additional costs such as an activation fee and service fee will still not apply to HoT. The free number portability is to be retained and a change service is currently also offered at Wechselservice. According to its own information, the Hofer mobile phone discount service already has over a million customers.

Only recently, Hot was awarded the best customer ratings in the two categories “Price-performance ratio” and “Recommendation” in the “Quality Award 2021” market tests. The low tariffs scored points in comparison to the services offered, which, according to the HoT, is also the reason why the tariff is recommended so often like no other in Austria.

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