Trump has new scapegoat for election defeat


Trump has new scapegoat for election defeat

Trump is convinced that the drug company waited until after the election to get the news that it had a vaccine – to harm him.

Pfizer had played “corrupt games”, said Donald Trump on Friday at a press conference in the White House. The president believes the pharmaceutical company deliberately waited until after the election to announce it had developed a vaccine. According to Trump for two reasons: Firstly, because of Trump's intention to lower drug prices, which he used to turn pharmaceutical companies against him. On the other hand, to harm him in the US elections.

“The big pharmaceutical companies have invested millions in denigrating me in the election campaign. The election campaign, which, by the way, I won. You will find out soon. Almost 74 million votes for me,” said a president who has still not admitted his defeat Has.

Actually, according to Trump, the plan was for Pfizer to publish the data in October, i.e. before the election.

Presumably it would have had an impact on the election if Pfizer had made it public earlier, Trump said. “Maybe not. I'm sure the Democrats would have found those ballot papers somewhere too.” But it will not stop him from doing what is right for the American people.

Pfizer, however, has denied a deliberate delay, according to the New York Post.

In the meantime, Biontech and Pfizer, according to their own information, have applied for emergency approval for their coronavirus vaccine with the US Food and Drug Administration. Pfizer confirmed this on Friday (local time) on Twitter. If the US authorities approve, they are now ready to start delivering the vaccine within a few hours, it said on Friday.

Pfizer has also already started filing applications with other health authorities around the world. Further applications for permits should follow, it also said. If the active ingredient is approved, particularly vulnerable people in the USA could be vaccinated as early as mid to late December.

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