Twitch will begin to block accounts for offenses committed outside the service

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Twitch will begin to block accounts for offenses committed outside the service

It became known that Twitch has tightened the rules. Now the administration of the social network will begin to block user accounts for offenses that were committed outside the service.

The innovation, which came into force yesterday, involves measures against users who have been seen for “gross violations” that pose threats to the security of the entire community. ” Moreover, it does not even apply to the actions that the user performed outside the service.

These violations included: lethal violence, armed extremism, terrorism or recruitment, threats of mass violence, participation in hate speech groups, participation or complicity in coercive acts of a sexual nature, and others.

Twitch admitted that they do not have the ability to independently verify all violations committed by users outside the service, which is why they will continue to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to verify complaints. Accounts of suspected offending users will only be blocked after the investigation is completed.

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