Verdi: Reports on corona cases on Amazon Germany


According to Verdi, dozens of infections this week alone. US mail order company advises on health protection measures.

Verdi: Reports on corona cases on Amazon Germany

According to the Verdi union, the US online giant Amazon is infected with the corona virus in sorting and shipping centers in Germany. This week alone, dozens of infections in Garbsen near Hanover, Bayreuth and Borgstedt in Schleswig-Holstein became known, the union announced on Wednesday. Verdi therefore called for the authorities to intervene.

Amazon said that for the group “the health and well-being of our employees: the top priority”. In Germany alone, Amazon has ordered, among other things, “more than 470 million units of hand disinfectant, 21 million pairs of gloves, 19 million masks, face protection or other mouth and nose protection”. According to the company, the health authorities visited the Amazon building several times and “confirm to us that we (..) have created a safe working environment.”

Verdi, on the other hand, complained that the closure of stores outside the grocery store increased the pressure on employees at Amazon and other online retailers. “The lockdown worsens working conditions there because the increased volume of orders by the employees has to be coped with – and that in the midst of the already busy Christmas and New Year seasons”, said Verdi Federal Board member Stefanie Benefitberger.

Amazon points out the measures taken to prevent infections, “but the high number of several hundred colleagues suffering from Covid-19 speaks a different language”. The union had “photos and reports from employees that show that hygiene, keeping a distance and cleanliness are neglected”. Amazon said, however, that the group goes “with corona protection partly beyond the individual country regulations”.

Verdi has been in conflict with the US online giant for years. The union demands collective bargaining regulations for the employees in the German Amazon shipping centers, as they apply in the retail and mail order business, and repeatedly underlines this demand with protests. Amazon rejects such a collective agreement with Verdi.

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