Wholesale prices stable in January


Wholesale prices stable in January

Motor gasoline, including diesel, was 12 percent cheaper

Wholesale prices at the beginning of the year stabilized at the previous year's level. This January there was a slight decrease of 0.1 percent compared to January 2019, according to preliminary calculations by Statistics Austria. Compared to December, the wholesale price index (GHPI) increased by 2.1 percent.

Other petroleum products (minus 18.6 percent), live animals (minus 14 percent), motor gasoline including diesel (minus 12 percent), solid fuels (minus 9 percent) and hides and leather (minus 5.5 percent) fell significantly year-on-year ).

The most massive price increases were for scrap and residual materials (plus 45.8 percent), iron and steel (plus 20.6 percent), agricultural machinery, equipment and accessories (plus 16.2 percent) and watches and jewelry (plus 13, 1 percent). Grain, seeds and animal feed (plus 11.9 percent), rubber and plastics in primary forms (plus 9.8 percent) as well as books, newspapers and magazines (plus 5.6 percent) were also noticeably more expensive.

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