Women in the U.S. Army are allowed to wear tails and earrings

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Women in the U.S. Army are allowed to wear tails and earrings

In the US military, women will be allowed to wear ponytails, short hairstyles, earrings and lipstick, according to a US Army news portal.

Changes will be made to the memo to the regulations on uniforms and insignia on February 24. The document update comes after a discussion about the rules in the army, reports The Hill.

“This is one of the ways we work to improve the lives of our soldiers, our troops, by putting people first, understanding their problems, taking action when necessary, and keeping them at the highest level of preparedness,” said the deputy chief of staff of the army USA, Lieutenant General Gary Brito.

The Lieutenant General emphasized that the army's policy is aimed at supporting equality in the US Army.

According to the current rules, women in the military need to collect their hair in a bun. However, the servicemen complained that their hair was starting to fall out because of this,

Due to the tension in their hair, especially in blacks, their hair fell out and other problems arose, said Sergeant Major of the Army Uniforms Division Brian Sanders.

For the first time, Sanders said the army will be “pioneering” – women will now be allowed to wear gold, silver and diamond earrings. In addition, they can be manicured, but only in neutral colors. “Our women are mothers, spouses and sisters, and they want to continue to feel like they are,” said Sergeant Major Sanders.

In July 2020, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper issued a directive on racial discrimination in the military, calling the current minimum hair policy “racist.” Prior to that, black women had complained that they were not allowed to braid Afro braids.

Earlier, on January 21, one of the branches of the armed forces – the US Air Force, issued a statement on weakening the requirements for hair. They will now be allowed to braid their hair in two braids or wear a ponytail, the changes will also take effect in February 2021.

On January 25, new US President Joe Biden lifted the ban of former President Donald Trump from serving in the army of transgender people who were admitted to the army by another Democratic president, Barack Obama.

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