1.5 Billion Apple Devices Facing AirDrop Vulnerability

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1.5 Billion Apple Devices Facing AirDrop Vulnerability

AirDrop is a technology for transferring files between Apple devices, and it is quite actively used by users. Security researchers have discovered that there is a vulnerability in AirDrop that affects 1.5 billion devices. This “security hole” allows hackers to obtain the user's phone number and mailing address.

Earlier this week, researchers from Darmstadt University of Technology published a post discussing the AirDrop vulnerability. It relates to the fact that the technology uses a mutual authentication mechanism to compare the user's phone number and email with the device's contact records before exchanging data.

Researchers have found that attackers can obtain this data using a Wi-Fi-enabled device and being close to the target.

The experts noted that they first drew attention to this problem back in 2019 and immediately reported this to Apple. But the company has yet to take any action to address the vulnerability. For users fearing data leaks, researchers advise turning off AirDrop completely.

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