10 kilometers to Kherson: the network showed fresh satellite photos of enemy trenches in the Crimea


10 kilometers from Kherson: fresh satellite photos of enemy trenches in Crimea were shown online

Enemies are in poverty because of the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are strengthening the administrative border of the temporarily occupied Crimea. So, new trenches were noticed there again.

They have grown literally in the last month. Moreover, they are located very close to the Kherson region.

What is happening on the administrative border with Crimea

On The latest satellite imagery shows trenches built by Russian troops in northern Crimea, Brady Afrik said.

An analyst at the Foreign and Defense Policy Research Department of the American Enterprise Institute added that these positions were built by the Russian invaders in just the last month. Moreover, they are located literally 10 kilometers from the Kherson region.

Subsequently, the analyst showed what the trenches look like up close. The video clearly shows the entire line of defense that the Russian troops built to protect themselves from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

However, it is almost obvious that these trenches may not save the occupiers, given how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are hit behind enemy lines.

What's going on in Crimea

  • Literally on December 15, 2022, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that they would not allow the Russian occupiers to spoil the next vacation season. This is how the ministry reacted to statements by locals that the Russians had mutilated the beaches on the eastern coast of the peninsula with trenches and concrete fortifications.
  • In addition, on December 18, it became known that the enemies were afraid of a Ukrainian landing. That is why, according to our intelligence, they are equipping a network of minefields, trenches and trenches in the Crimea. In particular, this is happening along the coast near the village of Molochnoye, Saki district, located literally 3 kilometers from the Evpatoria-Chernomorskoye highway.
  • Moreover, the Russians are installing the so-called “dragon's teeth” – a series of concrete pyramids that should stop promotion of heavy equipment.
  • Despite the efforts of the invaders, the former commander of the US Army in Europe, Ben Hodges, said that Ukraine would liberate Crimea from enemies by the fall of 2023. Read more about it here.

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