“100 Leopard is a kapets to the invaders”: a military expert said whether the Russians will be able to destroy them


Allied decisions regarding the transfer of tanks for the Ukrainian offensive are gaining more and more publicity. The most anticipated tank for this is the German Leopard 2, hundreds of which may be enough for the needs of the Armed Forces.

About thisChannel 24said military analyst Alexei Getman. According to him, it is necessary that Germany agree to the Leopard 2 operator countries on the possibility of transferring them to Ukraine, since it, as a manufacturer of these tanks, has such a right.

How many tanks Ukraine needs

Oleksiy Hetman said that if the new German Defense Minister decided to transfer Leopard 2 to Ukraine, then 100 units would be enough for us. The analyst also spoke about the exceptional performance of this tank.

Leopard 2 is a style icon, they are very powerful, they have a very good gun, it stabilizes well, they can shoot on the move . – Hetman noted.

“A powerful 105 mm smoothbore gun that can fire anti-tank shells. This is a very powerful weapon, there is 1 more person in the crew (unlike Leopard 1 – Channel 24), there is a separate loader, a person in charge of shots, it is very well protected there the crew from detonation. Even if the ammunition detonates, there are certain plates and the explosion will be directed towards the crew,” the military analyst said.

Aleksey Hetman is sure that Ukraine will be able to assemble 300 tanks, the need for which the commander-in-chief spoke about APU Valery Zaluzhny. This list could include 100 Leopard tanks, several British Challenger 2s, French light tanks and possibly American Abrams.

The military analyst named what 300 tanks Ukraine can get: watch the video

According to the analyst, perhaps at the next meeting of Ramstein, the logistics for the supply of tanks to Ukraine will be agreed. In this case, this will significantly change the course of the war, since tanks are an offensive weapon.

“This is very good news, 100 Leopard is a hell of a Russian,” Hetman said.

Why the United States does not hands over Abrams tanks to Ukraine

The military analyst noted that the main thing in this matter is the lack of repair bases near Ukraine. That is why now attention is focused on Leopard, because there are enough of them in European countries, and there are repair bases in countries neighboring Ukraine.

If such a tank, God forbid , will be damaged during the battle, then it will have to be repaired somewhere, and this can be done in Poland, Lithuania, in any country that is located near us,” Hetman said.

How vulnerable they are

As Aleksey Getman noted, Leopard 2 tanks have active armor, which helps to resist anti-tank weapons, in particular RPG 7, or similar. Also, the equipment is equipped with a laser surveillance system for anti-tank shells that can attack and they can intercept them.

“Assume that the Leopard tank will last for several minutes of battle … By and large, there are such conclusions, but the Russians do not there is no such weapon, there is no Javelin that can destroy these tanks the way we destroy Russian ones,” the military analyst concluded.

What is known about the transfer of Leopard 2 to Ukraine

  • For a long time, Germany refused to supply tanks to Ukraine. Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Germany would not be the first to do this, but expected such a decision from other partners.
  • Now Scholz is negotiating with allies on tanks for Ukraine.
  • Polish President Andrzej Duda announced that Poland would transfer a company of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. To do this, they need approval from Germany.

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