12 countries support Leopard 2 transmission: ABC reveals how many tanks Ukraine expects to receive


12 countries support Leopard 2 transmission: ABC says how many tanks Ukraine expects to receive< /p>

During the January 20 meeting of international allies in the Rammstein format, 12 countries supported the provision of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Poland and Finland have already publicly stated that they are ready to provide these tanks to our state.

Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark have also joined the coalition. They are ready to provide the Ukrainian military with part of their tanks.

How many tanks will Ukraine get after Germany's consent

Unfortunately, the readiness of the allied states is not enough for immediate deliveries of Leopards. In order for the coalition of countries to continue consideration of this issue, the consent of Germany is necessary.

As a country where military equipment is produced, Germany must approve an export license if countries want to supply their tanks to third countries, such as Ukraine.

If Germany agrees on the supply of Leopard 2, Ukraine will receive about 100 units of this equipment from allies.

The Biden administration and other Western governments are working to increase Ukraine's military capabilities in anticipation of a possible escalation of hostilities in the coming weeks or months.

Key Features of Leopard 2/Channel 24 Infographic

When Ukraine gets Leopard 2

  • German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, at a meeting in the Ramstein format, said that the Western allies had not yet reached an agreement on providing Ukraine with Leopard 2 main battle tanks.
  • Later, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba noted that Germany was the country in the negotiations with which our diplomats must “gnaw out” weapons. The Minister has no doubts that the Leopards will also come to us very soon. As Kuleba noted, “we are at the final stage on this issue.”
  • Poland has officially invited Germany's approval for the supply of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Therefore, we should expect news on this issue from Warsaw in the near future.
  • By the way, recently Channel 24 published a material that contains all the funniest memes, ridiculing the somewhat “strange” position of the FRG on providing weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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