13 missiles in 3 days: 150,000 people tried to be washed away with water, – Vilkul on the attack on Krivoy Rog


In 3 days – 13 missiles: 150 thousand people tried to be washed away with water, – Vilkul about attack on Krivoy Rog

In three days, Russia fired 13 missiles at Krivoy Rog, including did not regret the most expensive – “Dagger”. The occupiers deliberately attack critical infrastructure.

“It looks like madness, but this is our reality”

The head of the military administration of Krivoy Rog, Alexander Vilkul, said during a briefing that the enemy has been mercilessly shelling the city for three days in a row and “this is nothing but terrorist acts.”

The Russians were just trying wash away with water three districts of the city, in which more than 150 thousand people live. In three days – 13 cruise missiles. “Iskander”, “X” and the most expensive Russian missiles, of which they have only a few dozen – “Dagger”. It looks like madness, but this is our reality,” said Vilkul.

Immediately after the shelling, on September 14, the military administration created the Headquarters for the elimination of the consequences of an accident at the city's hydraulic structures, which included leaders and representatives of the city's rescue, utility, emergency and industrial structures. The headquarters has been working around the clock for the third day already.

According to Vilkul, each new missile creates new destruction and makes the job very difficult. However, the city used the entire resource: both emergency, and rescue, and the resource of public utilities and industrial enterprises. to the military. This is nothing but undisguised terrorism, which is the only thing Russia is capable of, suffering one defeat after another on the battlefield, Vilkul emphasized.

Consequences of shelling and what has already been resolved

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  • The water level in the Ingulets River has already returned to normal levels. However, on the most hydraulic structures, renewed work continues – serious damage.
  • Flooding of residential buildings has been eliminated. The pumping of water from the adjacent territories continues. Motor pumps are used.
  • The supply of drinking water has already been resumed throughout the city.
  • As for the red color of the water in the Ingulets River, this does not pose a danger to either the city or residents. After washing, the water will be of a normal color.
  • What should the owners of houses that have been flooded

    In total, according to the district administration, more than a hundred houses were flooded. The commissions of the Central City and Inguletsky districts have begun work in the city, which record the destruction and damage.

    Important! The “Mobile office” will start working on Monday. Employees of social services and administrators of the Center for the provision of administrative services “Visa” will go directly to the areas where flooding occurred and will help the victims to fill out applications for material assistance from the city budget.

    Victims can also documents for financial assistance in the “Visa” subsection, which are available in all districts of our city, or independently through the application Дія.

    < p>For consultations, you can contact the city hotline on 15-20.

    Shelling of communities: the situation on the front line

    The enemy shelled the Zelenodolsk community at night and in the afternoon . We hit the center of Velikaya Kostroma. In the village, as a result of the shelling, destruction was recorded. Unfortunately, two men died – 48 and 52 years old. Another person is injured. According to the RVA, he is in the hospital, his condition is moderate.

    In the Nikopol district, the city of Nikopol, the Krasnogrigoryevsk and Marganets communities came under fire from Gradov and heavy artillery.

    Nikopol wounded 57-year-old woman. 11 multi-storey and private houses, a lyceum, a kindergarten, a social service center, several enterprises, gas pipelines and power lines were damaged.

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