140-year-old grandfather with long horns dies after botched surgery to remove them


140-year-old grandfather with long horns dies after botched surgery to remove them

Ali Antera, considered Yemen's oldest husband, has died at the age of 140. It happened after an attempt to remove the knotty horn-shaped growths on his forehead.

These growths, similar to horns, appeared in a man a long time ago. Through them, Ali Anter was also called “goat-man” and “two-horned”

The cause of death may have been surgery.

Grandfather died three days after his family gave him an “unsuccessful operation” to remove the horns. During it, Ali Anteru, an untrained person tried to cut off a large growth with a red-hot tool.

However, a family member was quick to assure that the cause of death was not the most unprofessional operation. However, he acknowledged that the rough amputation may have hastened his death. According to a relative, Ali died from deteriorating physical and mental health caused by old age.

During an unprofessional operation, grandfather tried to cut off a corner / CEN

As noted in the media, the horns of the man were skin. That is, they were tumors consisting of keratin. It is he who forms hair, nails and hooves. However, such tumors can occur due to benign, precancerous or malignant skin lesions and are more common in older patients and people with fair skin.

What is known about Ali Anter

The 140-year-old grandfather lived in El-Jawf governorate and probably had more than 70 grandchildren. When he was 100 years old, for the first time, growths began to grow on his forehead on both sides, which eventually curled up in a horn-like shape. At the same time, as you can see from the photo, one was longer than the other.

By the time of his death, it was so large that it was at the level of his mouth.

Ali Anter's horn was at the level of his mouth / CEN

Although his grandfather's horns appeared many decades ago, according to local media, Ali Anter remained healthy and kept his memory until about 2017. It was only about 6 years ago that his condition began to worsen.

Note that the age of Ali Anter is not officially recognized. Now the oldest man is 113-year-old Juan Vicente Perez from Venezuela.

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