2.3 billion: UK confirms record aid to Ukraine


2.3 billion: UK confirms record aid to Ukraine

< p _ngcontent-sc89="" class="news-annotation">Great Britain will allocate £2.3 billion in aid to Ukraine in 2023. This figure means that the level of support will not decrease next year.

The British government noted that the country will equalize to the level of 2022 or even increase military support to Ukraine in 2023.

The security of Ukraine is our security, – noted in the UK.

Note, on the eve of the Financial Times wrote that the new Prime Minister Liz Truss wants to increase military assistance to Ukraine. It was noted that London will allocate either the same amount as this year (2.3 billion pounds, which is 2.63 billion in dollars), or more.

UK support: what is known

  • Great Britain is Ukraine's second largest military donor. It has been helping us since the early days of full-scale war.
  • London has contributed £2.3bn in 2022. The country has provided hundreds of missiles, 5 air defense systems, 120 armored vehicles and other equipment.
  • In addition, basic combined arms training for Ukrainian military personnel is being carried out in the UK. The program provides for the acquisition of skills for offensive and defensive operations in urban areas. Almost 5,000 of our soldiers have already successfully completed the training.

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