2 Russian attack aircraft and one helicopter, – Zelensky thanked the Secheslavites for a fruitful day


2 Russian attack aircraft and one helicopter, - Zelensky thanked the Secheslavites for a productive day

Zelensky thanked the Sicheslav brigade/Channel 24 collage

Warriors from the Sicheslav brigade have been on a roll lately – within one day they “landed” 2 Russian aircraft and 1 newest enemy helicopter. The President did not ignore this.


Thus, during the evening address on July 25, Volodymyr Zelensky thanked our paratroopers. And first of all – to the Sicheslav brigade.

The Head of State stressed that Ukraine will try to do everything possible to extend this experience of destruction to all Russian objects in the Ukrainian sky.

Sicheslav brigade, which “landed” two Russian military aircraft and one helicopter – in just over a day. We must do everything to extend this “landing” experience to all Russian aviation and missile products in our skies. Eternal glory to all who fight for Ukraine! Zelensky said.

The latest achievements of the “Secheslavites”

  • Yesterday, on July 24, paratroopers from the Sicheslav brigade shot down a Su-25 attack aircraft using the Igla MANPADS.
  • This afternoon, using the same ” Needles” The Sicheslav brigade shot down the latest Russian Ka-52 helicopter worth more than $16 million.
  • And by the evening of the same day, the Secheslav air defense forces shot down another Russian Su-25 attack aircraft. The soldiers assured that they would continue to destroy infidels for the sake of Ukraine's victory.

The total enemy losses at the front

scrapped thousands of enemy equipment.

Today, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine drew attention to the fact that the vast majority of the actions of the Russian invaders on the battlefield are unsuccessful. The invaders are demoralized – in order not to fight, some of them resort to sabotage and deliberately destroy their equipment. the Russian command is furious and in some directions abandons its soldiers without armored vehicles.

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