200 km of roads and 6 crossings: Ukravtodor told where the roads have already been cleared


200 km of roads and 6 crossings: Ukravtodor told where routes have already been cleared

200 kilometers of roads and 6 crossings have already been cleared in Ukravtodor/Ukravtodor

After the liberation of Kiev, Chernihiv and Sumy regions from Russian invaders, as well as mine clearance, Ukravtodor has already cleared more than 200 km of roads and streets and built 6 temporary crossings instead of destroyed bridges.

The department announced the details of the restoration of transport links in the liberated areas.

In the Kiev region, 90% of the M-06 Kyiv-Chop highway has already been cleared, and a temporary crossing has been erected in Romanovka on the P-30 highway, connecting Irpin, Bucha and Vorzel with the capital.

Currently, work is underway near the village of Stoyanka, where the blown-up bridge is being dismantled and a temporary crossing is being built.

Yesterday, traffic was opened along the crossing on the R-02 road in the village of Katyuzhanka. The cleaning of the M-07 Kyiv-Kovel highway has begun. During the first day, more than 2 km of the road was cleared, – said Andriy Ivko, First Deputy Head of Ukravtodor.

Daily road cleaning is carried out in Irpin, where 99 kilometers of streets have already been cleared. In the near future, after mine clearance, cleaning of the streets of Bucha, Gostomel, Makarov and Borodyanka will begin.

In the Chernihiv region, near the city of Sosnovsk, a temporary bridge has already been restored, and passage has been provided near the destroyed reinforced concrete bridge on the R-83 road.


A pontoon crossing was also built in the village of Politrudnya on the road H-28 Chernihiv – Gorodnya – Senkovka. On the road R-69 Kyiv – Vyshgorod – Desna – Chernihiv near the villages of Smolin and Yakubovka, two more temporary crossings will be built within a few days.

According to Ukravtodor, cleaning of the M-01 Kyiv – Chernihiv highway has also begun, where 8 kilometers have already been cleared. Cleaning of the road H-27 Chernihiv – Mena – Sosnitsa – Gremyach near the village of Kiselevka will soon begin.

In the Sumy region, the cleaning of the H-12 Sumy – Poltava highway has already begun, and on the H-07 road Kyiv – Sumy – Yunakovka 7 kilometers have already been cleared. Cleaning of the R-44, R-45 and R-61 roads should soon begin.

The total length of the roads affected by the war is about 23,000 kilometers. About 300 artificial structures were destroyed. These are state, local and municipal roads,” Ukravtodor reported.

Recall that recently the Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov announced that the passage along the Zhytomyr highway in the area of ​​the destroyed bridge near Stoyanka should be opened at the beginning of next week.


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