270,000 tons of humanitarian aid were imported to Ukraine in 50 days


In 50 days, 270,000 tons of humanitarian aid were imported into Ukraine

270,000 tons of humanitarian aid were imported into Ukraine/zaxid.net

Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Yulia Sokolovskaya noted that 270,000 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered to Ukraine in 50 days.

In addition, food was purchased from Ukrainian producers . Of these, food packages have already been completed for almost 12 million Ukrainians.

The Coordinating Headquarters for Humanitarian and Social Issues on Assistance

On the western border with Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, more the first week of Russia's invasion of Ukraine deployed logistics centers. International donors and partners continue to send humanitarian aid there.

According to the Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Sviridenko, the Lviv region has become the largest hub of humanitarian support in Ukraine, receiving 51% of the cargo from abroad.

Through humanitarian hubs, which are located throughout Ukraine, the cargo is distributed among regional military administrations, charitable organizations, local governments, as well as public organizations and volunteers.

We add that the amount of charitable assistance for Ukraine is from around the world has already reached 924 million dollars.

Most of the funds came from philanthropists from the following countries:

  • UK – 47%,
  • The Netherlands – almost 18%,
  • Czech Republic – 11%,
  • USA – almost 8%.

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