3 more Iranian drones shot down in Mykolaiv region: they terrorized several regions at night


3 more Iranian drones were shot down in Mykolaiv region: they terrorized several regions at night

Russia continues to use Iranian-made drones in the war with Ukraine. However, since the beginning of the day, Ukrainian air defense “landed” 12 drones at once.

The Air Force managed to shoot down 3 Iranian drones in the morning over the Mykolaiv region. Another 9 drones were shot down at night. The occupiers launched them into the Odessa region, Mykolaiv region and Kharkiv region.

UAVs were successfully “landed” in the Kharkiv region

On the night of October 6, the invaders attacked the South using Shahees 136 kamikaze drones. 7 air defense force drones were destroyed in the sky over Mykolaiv region, and 2 more over Odessa region.

In the morning, the invaders attacked the South again. 2 Shaheed 136 kamikaze drones and 1 Mohajer-6 strike drone were shot down over Mykolaiv region.

Attack by drones in Kharkiv region

According to Channel 24 sources in the Kharkiv OVA, at night the Russians, using kamikaze drones, attacked industrial facilities in the Osnovyansky district of Kharkov. As a result of the attack, fires broke out and partial destruction of non-residential buildings.

The head of the investigative department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kharkiv region and Sergey Bolvinov during the briefing specified that Kharkiv was attacked precisely by Shaheed 136 drones. Kharkiv was attacked for the first time using these drones . It is not yet known where the Russians launched kamikaze drones from.

The Russians attacked Bila Tserkva with drones

On the night of October 5, Russia attacked Bila Tserkva with Iranian drones of the Shahed-136 type. The city recorded 6 hits. One person was injured, but, fortunately, his life is not in danger. Note that this is the first case of an attack by kamikaze drones on the territory of the Kyiv region. Previously, the invaders used these drones in the South.

The invaders damaged 3 infrastructure facilities. Destruction is of medium difficulty, but the authorities assure that after the victory everything will be restored. The fire caused by the attack was extinguished only in the evening.

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